Manchester Journal of International Economic Law
ISSN 1742-3945

About MJIEL:

The MJIEL was founded in 2004 by Dr Asif H Qureshi. The Journal is independent of any State or institutional affiliation with a truly global editorial and advisory board.  It is published by Ltd; and available both in electronic and printed forms. The journal has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus. It is also to be found in EBSCO and HeinOnline. The journal is published three times a year.

The Journal welcomes submission of articles and reviews for consideration with a view to publication in accordance with our Guidelines for Contributors.

Aims of the Journal:

The journal covers all aspects of international economic law including in particular world trade law, international investment law, international monetary and financial law, international taxation, international labour law, international corporate responsibility and international development law. The journal's focus is mainly from a Public International Law perspective  and includes comparative analysis within the context of  a discourse in Public International Law. The aims of MJIEL are to promote:

  • Independent, original and alternative perspectives to international economic relations.
  • Fuller coverage of international economic relations in all its spheres.
  • A holistic focus on international economic issues.
  • Awareness of a development dimension in international economic relations.


Associate Editor:

  • Dr. Xuan Gao, Office of the General Counsel, International Fund for Agricultural Development

Assistant Editors:

  • Jing Dong. MA. (University of Manchester, UK)
  • Ajay Kumar. LLM. (University of Manchester, UK)
Editorial Board:
Advisory Board:

Current Development Editors:

  • David Collins, School of Law, City University, London, UK: Investment Disputes
  • Dr Cecilia Juliana Flores Elizondo, University of Manchester, International Trade Disputes

Book Review Editors:

Contacting MJIEL:

Editorial correspondence, including submissions to the Journal, should be made electronically to the Editor:

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