JISPIL ISSN 1742-4941 Vol 9 Issue 1 2013

Journal of Islamic State Practice in International Law
Vol 9 Issue 1 2013, ISSN 1742-3945

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Table of Contents


Women’s Property Rights in Muslim Matrilineal Communities
M S Sait
pp 1-35

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The Right to Change One’s Religion According to Article 18 of ICCPR and the Universality of Human Rights
K. Ważyńska-Finck and F. Finck
pp 36-59
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Justifications and Principles of Diplomatic Immunity:
A Comparison between Islamic International Law and International Law

M B A Ismail
pp 60-101

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Nation-State in IR and Islam
N M Adiong
pp 102-120
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The Interplay between International Human Rights and Labour Rights in Palestine
M Qafisheh
pp 121-146
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A Socio-Legal Review of the Protection of Orphans in the State of Jammu and Kashmir
S Arfat and M Mir
pp 147-173

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Practitioner's Analysis:

America Should not Miss the Disarmament Boat
Amir Majid
pp 174-215
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Unexpected Expansion: The scope of immigration appeals has been expanding in some unexpected ways
Richard McKee
pp 216-239

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Book Review:

'Reconsideration of Khadduri’s The Islamic Law of Nations Shaybani’s Siyar'
by Majid Khadduri, The Johns Hopkins Press, 1966, ISBN 978-0801869754
Reviewed by K R Bashir
pp 240-250

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'Principle of Islamic Jurisprudence'
by Muhammad Hashim Kamali, Cambridge: Islamic Text Society, 2003, ISBN 978-0946621828
Reviewed by S Al-Ansari
pp 251-257

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