JISPIL ISSN 1742-4941 Vol 4 Issue 1 2008

Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law
Volume 4. Issue 1 2008, ISSN 1742-4941

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Editorial Comment

         Professor Javaid Rehman and Dr. Amir Ali Majid 

         pp. 1-2
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  1.  Aibek Ahmedov, PhD Scholar, Brunel University


     Religious minorities in Shafii law



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    2.   Shihanah Azzaz, Durham University



          Ijtihad, an Effective Mechanism of Upholding International Human Rights with

          Islamic Law

PP 21-45
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    3.   Masood Akhtar, Air Marshal (Retired)



          Legality of the US "Pre-emption Strategy" against Pakistan 

PP 46-49
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