JISPIL ISSN 1742-4941 Vol 4 Issue 2 2008

Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law
Volume 4. Issue 2 2008, ISSN 1742-4941

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Editorial Comment

 Professor Javaid Rehman and Dr. Amir Ali Majid                                                                            pp. 1-2
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  1. Rohimi B. Shapiee, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of          Kebangsaan, Malaysia.


     Revitalising the Siyar (Islamic International Law): A Challenge for the




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      2.    Seja Majeed



             Personal reflections on issues of Muslim radicalisation and Iraqi

             politics:  Government Funding vs Extremist Radicalisation.


              PP 25-32
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     3.     M.A. Naser & W.H. Muhaisen, Ph.D candidates at the University of Leicester, UK


             Intellectual Property Infringement as Islamic Criminal Offences in the New  



             PP 33-39
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