JILIL ISSN 2515-3951 Vol 14 Issue 2 2018

Journal of International Law and Islamic Law
(formerly known as Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law)
Vol 14 Issue 2 2018, ISSN 2515-3951

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Table of Contents


Islamic Finance Post Financial Crisis:
The New Frontier for Justifying Fundamentalism

Philip Gavin
pp 1-15

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Government by Judiciary in Islam:
The Islamic Theory of Judicial Power and Malpractice of Some Muslim Judiciaries (Iran, Egypt, and Jordan)

Shams Al Din Al Hajjaji
pp 16-55

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Book Reviews:

Professor Muhammad Munir
Rights of the Child in Islam: Theory, Mechanisms, Practices and Convention on the Rights of the Child (Islamabad, Iqbal Institute for International Research and Dialogue (IRD), Islamic Research Institute Press, International Islamic University, Islamabad, 2017), 283 Pages, ISBN: 978-969-7576-08-1)

Khurshid Iqbal
pp 55-61

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